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Perfect Lips - How To Line Lips collections

Celebrities Lips Make Up Trends 2009

Perfect Lips - How To Line Lips

Red Lips Make Up

They say that good makeup artist is recognized by lining the lips, wich is the most demanding part of makeup.

Natural Lips Make Up

Natural Lips Make Up

I am sure that every girl or women like to look gorgeus and here are lips the most important part of looking good. Here are some tricks how to make your lips sexiest.

Natural Lips Make Up

Most lips are not symmetrical, upper and lower lips are not compatible. We have full lips, thin lips, etc.. The symmetry of the lips can be done through a correction, shading and darkening angles of the lips.

Full Lips Angelina Jolie-Make Up Trend 2009

Lips that are too full - line them with a lip pencil and bord edgings on the upper and lower edge, and the rest fill with color. We choose between darker colors which optical reduce lips.
Thiner lips line slightly on external,natural edge and then apply color on lips. Avoid to use dark colors.

Beautyful Lips Trends 2009

Unsymmetrical upper and lower lips line with a lip pencil. Thiner lip line out of the edge of the lip, Full lip line on lower edge.On full lips apply a little bit darker color than on thiner lips.

Sexy Lips Make Up Trends 2009

More seductively look you will reach with glamorous lipglos.
Make your lips look sexy!

Sexy Lips Make Up

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