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Wedding Stationery

wedding stationery

How to Choose the Wedding Stationery to suit your budget

By Michael Brecker

Your wedding is the stationary channel of communication between you and your guests. Think about what your "official channel of marriage." The wedding stationery tell everyone on the 'when', 'where', 'how' and 'what' about your wedding day. Your wedding invitations are your first announcements of your upcoming marriage, and the first communication between you and your guests. And let your guests know where and when the wedding will take place, you also want to invitations to stage for this type of marriage you will have.

For example, if your marriage is a very formal and elegant room, then you should consider in your invitations. It will give your guests an idea of what type of marriage it is and what to wear. Alternatively, if you have a less formal wedding, and invitations to reflect that in color and design.

The wedding invitations, and indeed the whole of your wedding stationery, reflects the mood, style and colors you have for your marriage. For example, your marriage is pink, so we would expect that color to be represented in your wedding stationery.

Wedding Stationery typically includes: Save The Date Card

They tell your guests that you have set the date of your wedding and ask them to put that date until you send your wedding invitations formal six-eight weeks before the wedding. These are a great way to give enough time for guests to organize working hours or holidays, so they can integrate into your wedding date. wedding stationery

These are sent as soon as you decide to date. Wedding Invitation Card

These can be day and evening invitations. The day invitations for customers who you invite to the wedding ceremony, reception and wedding. Night invitations for guests who are invited for the celebrations after the meal.

These are sent out six-eight weeks before the wedding. Order of Service Card

These let customers know what will happen during the wedding ceremony. They are usually distributed on the day.

Place name cards

If you have a seating plan with flour, then they are placed on tables, so customers know where to sit.

Thank You Card

These are your personal thank you to each guest for attending your wedding and for the beautiful present, they gave you.

The three main methods of taking your stationery are DIY, shelf, or custom.


DIY means "Do It Yourself." Obviously, your wedding stationery will be you. If you are creative and artistic (or short of money), which could be the method for you. When it ' acts of conception, the key is simplicity. Keep the design simple and it will be better and take less time.

However, you do not start everything from scratch. Many stores and on line wedding stationery supplier selling DIY kits that you can use and adapt to your own needs. wedding stationery


Off-the-shelf media drawings purchased from shops. Many shops, websites and department stores have a large selection of templates that you can use. The choice is vast and can range from the humorous to the beautiful and elegant. You just choose the design you want and order them for you. Because of the range of models available, you may not feel a picking that everybody used. This is a quick and easy way to choose and order your stationery.


Bespoke means that your design is hand made especially for you. You can get the company to adapt a design of their own portfolio, or create an exclusive design for you. This is obviously the most expensive option because it requires more consultation and more work for the designer. If you are ordering from a distance, it is important that you can see the design project before you commit to the final product.

Finally, at the purchase of stationery, always the order of five to ten maps cover the additional last-minute guests or a clerical error, if you write the names by hand.

However, you do so - have a beautiful wedding!

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