Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wedding Table Decorations

wedding table decorations

Wedding Table Decorations - A few simple ideas

By Lisa Rina

Getting married is a wonderful occasion where family and friends gather to celebrate. Part of what makes this day or evening so special is the effort that goes into its creation and all the planning to make it look amazing. One of the best parts you can not forget when planning yourwedding is decorating the wedding table decorations. This will attract the attention of everyone the minute they enter the reception room. Here are some ideas for simple but effectivedecorations.

wedding table decorationsIf you want to have a modern marriage with a key, you can easily use the flowers in a different way in connection with the decoration of your wedding table decorations. You can create a simple and elegant look with small square vases with a combination of a type of flower using only the head. You can use roses, carnations, and other large petal flower for that. Then, to top it all, you can place this on a large mirror in the middle of the table with tea light candles that surround it for a magical evening.

Another simple solution, but the idea is to use great big urn type vases. They should be big enough too. Inside you place an enormous bouquet of flowers as fairies. You can use those that are normally inside a bouquet. Then, on the edge of the box, you can hang crystals or colored stones.

If you want to make your table decoration, wedding more fanciful, how about you held a bouquet of colorful flowers along the berries, twigs, crystals, and bright butterflies. This will make an impact while using white table and canvases covered with gold and dishes.

wedding table decorationsIf you have a small budget and are not sure about table decorations, here's an idea. You can use a group of pillar candles and surround a large specimen jar just a single rose in her. It will be cheap and elegant look.

Another great idea that you can do that require no bustling establishment or transportation of flowers is to use a piece that has something to do with your theme. If you have a likewedding princess, you can use statuettes elegant center tables.

You could also make a memorable and wedding table decorations personal with some great photo frames and special image of the bride and groom. You may also hang each wedding favor with this in little organza bags. You can even do it with a bare tree sparkled. On this tree, you can hang all the favors in silver or gold, or color yourwedding bags. You can even hang crystals from here as well to make a sparkly centerpiece wedding table.

These are just some basic ideas, but you can use and combine to make your own special wedding

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