Monday, August 17, 2009

One More Outfit With My New Banana Republic Belt

I love wearing dresses in the summer. It seriously cools me down 5 degrees. I bought this cute blue strappy dress from H&M for $10. I have been wearing this over a tee, which looked ok, but really hot (and I mean temperature wise), because the top of the dress is tight elastic and I’m wearing it over another shirt.

The other day, I thought I would wear this dress over my favorite Great Plain blouse, and I was soooooo hot, and thought I could not go through the day like this. So I pulled the blouse out of the dress, and buckled it with my skinny Banana Republic belt I just bought which I have blogged about here. And they looked so perfect together, checked it out. I love it, it’s so me.



Dress: H&M

Blouse: Great Plain

Belt: Banana Republic

Shoes: Target

The blouse has straps all through it, but light enough to compliment the prints on the dress. That skinny belt just tie everything together seamlessly. The best part is wearing them this way didn’t make me sweat all day.

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