Monday, August 17, 2009

Pretty Betty

Inspired by vintage aesthetics and the sculptural function of corsetry, the fiendishly beautiful all-Australian made Betty Valentine has been created to make girls look and feel inherently feminine and defiantly beautiful. Betty Valentine's world is one laden with dreams and nostalgia, a place where youthful urgency and rapture reverberate through endless nights like intoxicating music. She hopes to stir the feelings of adolescent anticipation that sleep in your heart. Transform your silhouette, transcend your day-to-day reality and become the fiercest version of yourself in a defiant and feminine design. Betty Valentine is proudly designed and made in Brisbane, Australia so to find out where you can pick up one of these truly gorgeous pieces visit

Ceremony dress in pink silk

Badlands dress in magenta cotton

Polly dress in blue cotton

Slow Hands dress in turquoise silk

Heartbeats dress in black cotton

Posted by Emilie Harrison

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